SEO Tips: Find out Related Keyword and Key-phrase Search the Most Easy Way ! – By Sadiq M. Alam( Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Codeboxr.) )

ImageAre you planning for SEO? Looking for related keywords and key-phrases which are most frequently used? Different people think differently. What you will be using to search online, your friend might be using a different bunch of words for the same goal.

If online business owners could know how diverse minds of it’s customers work, that would solve the problem. But in reality they can’t. That’s why you need to know some trick to understand other related keywords and key-phrases. There are advanced tools to do that, like Google Keywords Tool which comes with Google Adwords and provide various way to analyze keywords. But what if you need to check real quick?

Here are couple of quick tips which are the most easy way to find out related keywords and phrases.


Don’t Hit Enter, .. Wait

Almost all major search engine has implemented live search which basically start showing you result and suggestion as you type, particularly after first few keystrokes are done. This is true for Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your search dont have live search then check the preferences/settings and turn it on. Google for example has settings (Search Settings) to turn “Instant Result” on or off.

So lets say you want to find out what other popular search words and phrases are there, type first one or two words and wait without hitting enter in search. Google, Yahoo and Bing, all will show you suggested search from its popular search results.

Excel tutorials - Google Search 2013-11-28 15-17-50

The above screenshot from Google shows that after typing ‘Excel tutorials’ google started to pour in other popular and related searches. Same is true for Yahoo and Bing.

Bing 2013-11-28 15-19-29

Yahoo 2013-11-28 15-20-53

So thats the quickest way to get recommended related keywords and key-phrases.

Let Search Engine Suggest you

Other than live search, once you hit enter for any key-phrases or even keyword, either towards the end of first page search result (in case of Google, Yahoo) or at sidebar (in case of Bing) you will see the search engine itself will provide you a list of 8 related items. They are very valuable to understand what other search terms are popular. See the screenshot below to from top 3 search engines for suggestion.

Online Excel tutorials - Google Search 2013-11-28 15-18-34

Google’s suggestion just above pagination on search result page

Yahoo Suggestions

Yahoo Suggestions

Bing's Related Searches

Bing’s Related Searches

Do you need expert advice for SEO? Are your business website performing poor in your target keywords and you wish to improve it?

Codeboxr can help you. For free consultation, advice and tips, feel free to contact us. We provide Search Engine solutions, do Competition Analysis and manage Google Ads for you.

Are Facebook Ads Effective? How to Optimize Facebook Advertisements? – By Sadiq M. Alam(Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Codeboxr)

If you are the kind of business owner who has clients/ potential customers sitting on the internet and you are interested to have them as your converted customer, then you must also know that Facebook is the #1 destination and most time-spent single website right now in the universe. As a result it makes perfect sense to attract your customers through Facebook Ads. Defiantly facebook Ads are is effective. A study shows that 37% of Marketers think their Facebook advertising is quite effective. If you need effective facebook ads must have to optimize the Ads.


Why Facebook as Advertising Platform?

  • Because people are always there
  • You can do precise targeting of your potential customer. Facebook has excellent filters to target the exact kind of audience you wish to reach
  • Its relatively inexpensive
  • Its the biggest platform for your social marketing strategy

Who Will Put my Ads there?

You may put up yourself. You will need to signup and configure your Facebook Ad Manager, connect a card/ bank. You will need to know the technical knowhows of costing model, how to target effectively and how to optimize the ads there.

Or You may Ask us to put your Facebook ads for you

We offer services to create, executive, monitor and manage your Facebook ads for you. Feel free to contact us for Free Consultation and Quotes. We have very competitive pricing.


How to Optimize Facebook Ads?

Two basic things before facebook Ads:

  • An in-house digital/Social Media manager. Nobody communicates your brand on Facebook like your own staff. Those traders that have made the investment are seeing much higher commitment and closing more sales.
  • A budget for Facebook ads. Facebook ads complete your strategy. Your Social marketing manager stimulates engagement by curating valuable, pertinent content for all your platforms. Facebook ads amplify your reach and increase your sales.

facebook-adHere are few more tips:

Identify Your Goals. Do you want to grow your fan base? Are you encouraging an event? Are you ready to make Facebook ads a significant source of leads for your business? Define your goals first. You must have clear goals so you can measure your ad’s effectiveness later!
Facebook is Local. Facebook is the place where you can build an online community that mirrors your offline community. Facebook ads target your local area in ways like never before. You reach those people who will most likely buy from you.
Facebook Ad or Supported Story? Supported Stories are about your Pages’ activities on Facebook. If you have a post with particularly high engagement, spotlight it with an ad. These types of ads reflect Social proof to other users; evidence that people are engaging with your Page. Facebook Ads are more outmoded. You create a message you want to share and choose who you want to reach.
Landing Pages. A staple of internet marketing, landing pages drive visitors to do what you want them to do. When used with Facebook ads, design your ad so that people will click and be taken to your landing page. Once on that landing page, you have an chance to create more value and carry visitors further down the sales funnel.
Target the Right People. Let’s say that the buyer demographic for one of your vehicles is women aged 35-54. What are the interests of this group? Perhaps topics relating to family, work/life balance, shoes? Facebook ads allow you to choose specific audience interests and target those people who are most likely to buy.
Design an Engaging Ad. You’ll need a catchy headline, marketing language for the body of the ad and a compelling photo or graphic. I’ve talked about the misconception that, since Facebook provides free real estate to build your community, everything else is free and easy. No dice. Facebook ads take skill, training and money to develop and design. Facebook is a new medium but the age-old components of successful marketing and advertising are still very much alive and kicking. If you don’t have it, get help.
Connections. It’s important to note that Facebook ads are Social. Ads can be customized to reach people who are already connected with you or not at all connected with you. You choose if you want to reach friends of your fans or not. Identify what kind of connection users have to your page so you can reach your optimal audience.
Location. This is where you can laser target your surrounding community. Choose a city, include surrounding cities, or target exact zip codes.
Objective. You have a choice now to reach people you want to “like my page” or “click on my ad or sponsored story”. Page Like Ads are a great way to build audience size. Page Post Ads will drive deeper engagement. Your choice governs whether you’ll pay per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or per click (CPC). CPM, according to Facebook, is the cost per 1000 times your ad or sponsored story is displayed. In the past, impressions were not always effective. Now, with Timeline stats showing higher page engagement, I’m seeing good results with CPM.

Got a Facebook Ad Idea? Contact Codeboxr to put your Ad on Facebook Today. Its inexpensive than you thought.



SEO for Moodle – How to Optimize your Moodle for Search Engines? By- Sadiq M. Alam (Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Codeboxr)

The PainImage

You have a site made with Moodle where you are offering courses, tutorials and so on, but your site hardly comes up in the Google Search Results Page (SERP). What do you do about this?


To improve your site’s result in SERP, there are a lot of factors which are involved. The obvious ones being: URL or web address – how much they contain keywords, title of your site, quality and freshness of content, age of content, structure of your site, speed of loading, engagement, how crawl friendly it is etc.

Now when the a site is made with Moodle, many of the above mentioned factors can not be optimized perfectly. That is one of the primary reasons why Moodle alone can not do very well in terms of ranking well on the search engine.

What Can be Done?

Even though Moodle’s SEO (search engine optimization) scope is limited, there are few areas which can be improved.

– Inside Moodle, enable the opentogoogle setting in siteadmin > security > site policies.

– The opentogoogle variable in Administration >> Configuration >> Variables may be set to ‘Yes’ to allow Google to enter your site as a Guest.

– Have a simple site name that is clean, has keywords and relevant e.g. [Organisation Name] Leading E-Learning Site in Ireland

– Set the site description (Used by many Moodle themes as the metadata)

– Set course descriptions

– Have the course links on the front page (otherwise descriptions will not be crawled)

– Add a sitemap

– Ping your site. Use online pinging service to ping your site after you add contents / new courses.

– Link your Moodle site from other relevant sites. It could be forums, your blog etc. Also you should link to other relevant sites inside your pages.

– Share your content in the social media and let others share yours site.

– Get your own page on major social media and have inbound links from there to your Moodle site.


Some Advanced Methods

One of the reason why Moodle’s course pages dont do well on search engine is because of the messy URL structure. Currently they looks like this:

but they would do well if it were like: /course/learning_piano

In her blog, Jenny Gray suggested some way to do this. Read her blog post here.

In Moodle there seems to be a lot of discussion going on. Here are few threads:

+ Clear URLs a.k.a. User Friendly URLs

+ Course Access to Crawlers


Anything Simpler and Elegant?

Certainly. One of the best strategy for anyone who has certain number of courses offered in Moodle and wants them to rank well, is to have a separate landing or entry site. This entry site could be WordPress based or html based site. Then this entry site can easily be optimized for SEO.

The entry site can comprise of a Home Page, Course Catalogue Page to display all Courses and individual Course Page (with good search engine friendly URL) to attract search engine and visitors. Since Moodle course page has limitation that visitor’s often can’t access that without having registered in site or log in as guest, the entry site course page can server as a marketing / informative page to provide information about what the course contains etc. This is also excellent not only for SEO but also from marketing point of view. You may like to add a demo video there to give a taste, have some testimonials of past students who took the course before.

We, Codeboxr have experience in integrating Moodle with Entry site for better marketing and sales.

Open Graph for Joomla 3 is Now Released! – by Sadiq M. Alam (Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Codeboxr.)

ImageWe are very happy to announce that Codeboxr has released anticipated Open Graph (OG) for Joomla 3. Open Graph Protocol by Codeboxr is one of the most all round solution available out there.

We added our first Open Graph Extension back in July 2012 for Joomla 1.5 as well as 2.5. Then came Joomla 3 which changed a lot of things in the way it works and handle things. So we had to overcome all the challenges regarding preserving all the functionalities we had for Joomla 3 version as well.

Update Log: OG for Joomla 3

  • Fully re-written for Joomla 3.x
  • Joomla 3.x native compatibility
  • More easy way to add open graph images
  • Rewritten about 50% code to make it compatible for Joomla 3


At A Glance

  • Makes Your Site Content 100% Open Graph compatible
  • Most Flexible Open Graph Solution. Easy to Use and Customize
  • Supports all OG Tags
  • Enable/ Disable any Component for Admin or Front End Part Separately
  • Works with all Joomla Templates

Supports all OG Tags

  • Type and Description
  • Geo Tags such as Latitude, Longitude, Postal Code
  • Person Objects such as Email, Phone, Fax
  • Video URL, Size and Type etc.
  • Audio URL, Title and Artist etc.
  • Product Object (eg. ISBN)

Supported Components

Integrates seamlessly with the leading 9 Components:

  • Com_Content
  • K2
  • Zoo
  • Tienda
  • FlexiContent
  • DJCatalog
  • Virtuemart
  • Redshop
  • QuickFaq


Recently we received quite a number of queries for Joomla 3 compatible version. The present release will support the latest stable release of Joomla 3.2.


Read Detailed Features and Download


I tried all Open Graph expansions, and with all was dissatisfied… I use the K2 component and for me it was important to edit every line Open Graph on each page K2, setting it unique parameters. This expansion allows to do it very simply, pressing of one button.


~ ★★★★★ Customer Review via Joomla Extension Directory

Read our official newsletter out for Open Graph Component for Joomla 3.

Top 20 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites of 2013

What are some of the best and popular Social Bookmarking Websites in 2013?

 Social bookmarking is not a new phenomena, it has been around for sometime. Some old sites have died down, other new have come recently and got popular among users. In this blog we are sharing some of the latest and happening Bookmarking sites of 2013.


What is Bookmarking Service?


A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. In a social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages that they want to remember or share. These bookmarks are usually public, and can be saved privately, shared only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of public and private domains. The allowed people can usually view these bookmarks chronologically, by category or tags, or via a search engine. Bookmarking sites can help you store all your favorite and useful sites which you can revisit later and they also serve as good link building sites. The more incoming links you have for your content, the better chances you have to rank well in SEO.


This list is hand crafted and working 100% as of December 2013.

  1. Twitter

Everyone knows Twitter. It is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters. Twitter helps you create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Twitter actually can be used a very effective bookmarking service.


  1. PinterestPinterest Logo

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos.


  1. Reddit

Reddit is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text posts. Users then vote submissions “up” or “down” to rank the post and determine its position on the site’s pages.


  1. Stumble Upon

It help you easily discover new and interesting stuff on the Web. Tell us what you like, and we’ll introduce you to amazing web pages, videos, photos and more that you wouldn’t have found on your own.


  1. Digg

Digg is a news aggregator with an editorially driven front page, aiming to select stories specifically for the Internet audience such as science, trending political issues, and viral Internet issues.


  1. Delicious

Delicious is a free service designed with care to be the best place to save what you love on the web. We keep your stuff safe so it’s there when you need it – always. Delicious remembers so you don’t have to. Delicious Save, organize, and remember the links you find interesting or useful around the web.


  1. Fark

 Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis that allows members to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. As of June 2009, the site boasts approximately four million unique visitors per month, which puts it among the top 100 English language websites.


  1. Slashdot

Slashdot LogoSlashdot is a technology-related news website. The site, which bills itself as “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters”, features user-submitted and evaluated news stories about science and technology related topics. Each story has a comments section attached to it.


  1. Blink List

BlinkList is a powerful productivity tool that makes is much easier for anyone to share and save their links for later.


  1. Blog Marks

It believe in the open web, think internet services should be sustainable, build for the long term.


  1. Folkd[ is a social bookmarking and social news website that has been founded in 2006. The website has grown into one of biggest  services of its kind and currently lists over 8 million public bookmarks by more than 500,000 users . Folkd is available in 4 languages and also has a strong user base in India. The site devotes itself to “enrich your web-surfing experience” and also offers an IE and Firefox AddOn to collect, save and share bookmarks while surfing.


  1. Meta Filter

Metafilter is a weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to. A typical weblog is one person posting their thoughts on the unique things they find on the web. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members.


  1. News VineNewsVine Logo

Newsvine is a community-powered, collaborative journalism news website which draws content from its users and syndicated content from mainstream sources such as The Associated Press. Users can write articles, seed links to external content, and discuss news items submitted by both users and professional journalists.


  1. Dzone

DZone produces and publishes valuable content for global audience of software developers and architects. For 15 years, DZone has cultivated trust and earned credibility with our active and engaged community by being honest, producing and sharing useful content where it will have the greatest impact.


  1. Diigo

Diigois a social bookmarking website which allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag web-pages. Additionally, it allows users to highlight any part of a web page and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page. These annotations can be kept private, shared with a group within Diigo or a special link forwarded to someone else. The name “Diigo” is an acronym from “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff”.


  1. Bib Sonomy

BibSonomy is a social bookmarking and publication-sharing system. It aims to integrate the features of bookmarking systems as well as team-oriented publication management. BibSonomy offers users the ability to store and organize their bookmarks and publication entries and supports the integration of different communities and people by offering a social platform for literature exchange.


  1. Friend Feed

FriendFeed is a service that makes it easy to share with friends online. It offers a fun and interactive way to discover and discuss information among friends.


  1. Technorati

Technorati was founded to help bloggers succeed by collecting, highlighting, and distributing the global online conversation.


19. Bitly

Bitly is the easiest and most fun way to save, share and discover links from around the web and can these links bookmarks, also you can use bitly to remember, curate and share them.


20. Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is the leading media company for social news and entertainment, intensely focused on delivering high-quality original reporting, insight, and viral content across a rapidly expanding array of subject areas.


Do you need help with Social Media Marketing, link building or SEO? Codeboxr offers such services at competitive price.

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Best Linkedin Company Page of 2013 and What We Can Learn from Them


LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. It is mainly used for professional networking. As of June 2013, LinkedIn reports more than 259 million acquired users in more than 200 countries and territories. The site is available in 20 languages.


Why a LinkedIn company page?

Company Pages connect your business with millions of professionals.It’s the centralized location where millions of LinkedIn members can stay in the loop on your company news, products & services, business opportunities, and job openings. Easily post status updates, stay top of mind with your followers, build up product/service recommendations, and promote career opportunities through your LinkedIn Company Page.


Some tips for LinkedIn Company Page success


1. Adobe: Highlight your Brands with Showcase Pages


Adobe created showcase pages for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud to allow for customized messaging and engagement with their unique audience segments.

Adobe- Overview - LinkedIn 2013-12-19 17-28-01


2. Apple One: Stand out Using Images and Rich Media

 Apple One helps their content pop by including eye-catching imagery. Including with your updates is a great way to boost comments

3. Commonwealth Bank: Involve your Audience by Posting a Question

 Commonwealth Bank engages their followers by asking thoughtful question. Be sure to keep it a two-way conversation by responding back to those who comment.

Commonwealth Bank- Overview - LinkedIn 2013-12-19 17-48-11


5. Dell:  Don’t Bury the Lead

 Dell immediately grabs their followers’ attention by starting posts with interesting facts. Company updates with snappy intros catch the eye and get better engagement.


6. HubSpot: Sponsor your Best Contenthubspot-logo

HubSpot uses Sponsored updates to drive qualified, targeted leads. Try promoting your best offers and content alongside organic content.




7. Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts: Show and Tell

 Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts lets its brand shine with fun videos. Engage members directly in the feed sharing a Youtube video.

8. Kellogg: Show off your Company Culture

 Kellogg Company shows off its company’s culture by sharing. Use updates to share honors your company has received.

Kellogg's logo 2012

 9. Marketplace Home Mortgage: Provide Expert Tips & Insights

 Marketplace Home Mortgage shares quick tips and insights that are relevant for their home buyer audience. Post updates that spotlight your industry expertise.

10. Mashable: Share Snackable, Valuable Content

 Mashable hits the sweet spot by sharing content that is both high qualities. Yet quick to consume. Keep your posts bite-sized to drive high engagement.

Do you need help with Social Media Marketing or create & maintenance LinkedIn Company page ? Codeboxr offers such services at competitive price.

Please contact us for free quotation and consultation.



#SocialMedia and Web Services – #Infographics by Codeboxr #joomla #SEO #drupal #wordpress

#SocialMedia and Web Services – #Infographics by Codeboxr #joomla #SEO #drupal #wordpress

Here we present all our infographics and slides which are published in slide share.

  1. Bespoke Joomla Development Service at Competitive Price by Codeboxr

  2. 11 rules for the social era

  3. Joomla migration service, migrate 1.5-2.5-3.x

  4. What is Social Media Marketing and Services by Codeboxr

  5. Professional Seo Service

  6. Joomla Site Upgrade/Migration Service by Codeboxr

  7. Future of Social Commerce and Why You Should Care

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